Link research, cleanup, and competitive analysis

Spyglass has it’s own massive link store database – independent of Google and other Search Engines – Game Changer


Do you own or look after a website ? are you frustrated that other sites are always above you ? – want to change it ? – you need to give your website the SEO Spyglass backlinks checker treatment today.

seo spyglass exclusive database indezSpyGlass like any good detective searches the internet for the places that your competitors have got links from. In the past this was always problematic as the major search engines would not fully reveal this information.

However the ball is now well and truly on the other foot. SEO SpyGlass  now uses it’s own massive link database to source this information – this is the ultimate game changer  – want to find out why ? read more

To see how it all works – check out the video demo


Spyglass is a backlinks checker tool. It finds all the links pointing to your competitors websites. It then gives you vital information about those links – which ones to go after and which to ignore. It gives you a blueprint of how to then out rank your competitors in your chosen niche


Anyone who is responsible for looking after a website and more importantly making sure that website ranks highly for the chosen keywords and to get better rankings than competing websites.


Saves you time and money, fire it up and let it go. Come back to it and it will have a complete report on where your competitors have links (they dont want you to know about).  Follow the advice in order to get the same links as the competition – and more to out rank them.

Spyglass now has access to it’s own massive internal links database – something that no other has.


SEO SpyGlass gives you a full set of analytics tools that allow you to sort, detail and store all of the information about competing websites.


In addition to the many features it already has SpyGlass comes with a professional report generator. Based on the results found when run you the software it creates an impressive, customised report that outlines a defined plan of action for your websites.

If you are an SEO freelancer or agency then these reports can be branded with your own logo. This is one reason why so many SEOs choose SpyGlass software for their backlinks checker tool of choice.

You don’t need to know it all

The majority of webmasters who get their sites well ranked for their chosen keywords don’t fully understand how search engines work,  you don’t have to either.  But what you need need to understand is how to look at the competition – and analyse why they rank so well – and then follow their lead – and then over take them.

free seo guideSounds impossible – it’s not but it is very very time consuming – time which you probably do not have to complete it manually. We are talking here of weeks maybe even months to complete. Spyglass does the research for you automatically in the background leaving you time to get on with other work

  • Where to get high quality links that the competition haven’t discovered yet
  • Discover exactly what anchor texts (the clickable part of the link) to use to out rank niche competition?
  • The total number of backlinks your competitor has
  • The Google PR – PageRank of every backlink to see how important these links actually are to Google
  • Find the correct email address so you can ask for the links you want for your site.
  • Exact anchor texts and anchor URLs your competitors are using (anchor text is one thing you must implement right to rank well. Find out which anchors work for your competition!)
  • How many of your competitor’s backlinks come from forums and blogs – are they tapping into social media for traffic and links?
  • How many of your competitor’s backlinks come from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages. This is usually a clear sign of site wide paid links. Oftentimes, you can even see how much they are paying per link!
  • Unlimited free availability to training material. An end to end complete SEO guide, online software manuals, help  videos plus other SEO / SMM (Social Media management) related training materials
  • Multilingual software.  SpyGlass not only works with any countries’ search engines and optimises sites in any language.  You can change the internal menu system of SpyGlass for your preferred language.
  • Works on Windows, MAC and Linux